Trash Collection

The Borough utilizes its own Public Works Department for trash collection. The fee for this service is billed quarterly in the amount of $85 per quarter. Trash collection days are Thursday for the South side and Fridays for the North side, E. 1st Avenue and E. 2nd Avenue. We ask that trash be put out by 7:00 am for pick-up.  Per Borough Ordinance,  municipal waste  will only be collected from closed trash containers not exceeding 36 gallons in size.  No more than three trash containers are allowed to be set out for collection at one time.  All trash cans/recycling bins may not be placed at the curbside prior to 4 p.m. the night before the day of collection.  Empty containers must be retrieved from the curbside within 18 hours of the collection time.  

Bulk Items

The fee schedule for bulk items is as follows:

  • Items which require two persons to pick-up (sofa, bureau, etc.) -- $25.00 each
  • Small items (kitchen chair, end table, etc. ) -- $10 each

(we no longer pick-up items containing refrigerant)

Residents should call the Borough Office during business hours to schedule a pick-up.

Please do not bring trash to the Borough complex -- there are no facilities for dumping

Yard Waste

Yard waste is picked up on Mondays beginning the first week in April through October, when leaf collection begins. Place yard waste in containers or biodegradable bags. DO NOT use plastic bags - yard waste in plastic bags will not be picked up. Sticks should either be placed in a container or bundled and tied and should not exceed 4' in length. We will not accept any sticks larger than your thumb in diameter.  Please do not put any other type of yard waste in with leaves.

Trash/Recycling Ordinance